Our Body Is A Temple

”But whoever is united with the Lord is one with Him in spirit. All other sins a person commits are outside the body, but whoever sins sexually, sins against their own body” (1 Corinthians 6:17-18)

This Prayer is taken from the book-21 Destiny Prayers.

We live in a world where our society keeps changing. We must learn how to overcome adversities and walk in discernment. Our minds need to be protected as we sift out the good from the bad while cutting out any root of impurity or immorality that may want to build a stronghold in our minds.

Sexual sin is the only sin that we commit with our bodies, and we don’t necessarily have to commit the act physically. Even if we do so in our minds, it can be a seed that grows if we dwell on those thoughts. We want to protect ourselves from every pervasive thought that the enemy may want to throw into our minds. One of the most effective ways to overcome negative thoughts and to keep our mind from being a dumping ground for familiar spirits is to speak the Word of God three times a day if possible in any particular area where the enemy may be attacking our minds and thought patterns. Familiar spirits are demonic spirits that are familiar with us, and some of them have been in our generational bloodline for years. They know the strongholds, thought patterns, weaknesses, and struggles of those before us. And I tell you, they understand how the bloodline dynamics work. If death came through Adam, life came through Christ Jesus. We can set our minds free from any attack of familiar spirits operating through negative thought patterns, habits, or behavior.

As a counselor, I have noticed that sexual immorality in the area of pornography, masturbation, and sexual fantasy is not counted as a sin amongst some adults, teens, and youths of our generation. The enemy has made the act of masturbation seem to be something that God condones because we are not doing anything wrong to; or with anyone else. If you have teenage kids, talk to them. Let them be aware of the dangers of masturbation. The spirit of masturbation is a demonic spirit that works with sexual immorality and sexual perversion. It opens the doors for other sexual sins to enter one’s life. It controls the mind and influences one to obey the desires of the flesh, which ultimately leads to destruction and death. It portrays God’s plan for sexual purity between married couples or chastity before marriage as trivial, unnecessary, and unimportant. People generally don’t want to open up and discuss the weaknesses in their sexual habits or relationships with others, but there are Christians that are struggling with the stronghold of sexual immorality and sexual perversion.

Another important thing the Lord revealed to me through counseling was that some of the strongholds of sexual sin, like any other generational sins, have been passed down through the bloodline because a door was opened for the enemy to come in. Such doors could be adultery, misogyny, misandry, rape, coveting others’ partners, witchcraft, rejection, pornography, incest, polygamy, bestiality, occultism, paganism, fornication, idolatry, Chrislam, and so on. In some situations, the root of sexual sin can spring up from an early childhood life of unhealthy sexual acts or habits or exposure to such. The good news is that Christians can be freed from any stronghold or bondage of the enemy through the power of the cross of Jesus!

Learning how to walk in victory is not going to just drop into our laps. We must choose daily to put on the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and call on the Holy Spirit to teach us how to walk victoriously in all areas of our lives. It is not by our power or might, but by the power of the Holy Spirit of God (Zechariah 4:6). Hallelujah!

If your mind is being bombarded with perverse images or immoral thought patterns, and you have tried everything you can to be free (prayer, counseling, deliverance, etc.) to no avail. Especially if you are living a life of holiness before the Lord and you do not dabble in things that are contrary to the Word of God, it is most likely the sin of sexual immorality could have a root in your generational bloodline. There is a way to address this. I would suggest going to the Courtroom of Heaven to repent and take the legal right out of the enemy’s hands. Jesus’ name is above all names, and with God, all things are possible! Deliverance will come to you in the name of Jesus!


Divine Purpose

Dr. Simi Adigun, is a Christian Counselor, a Certified Biblical Counselor, a Master Certified Life Coach and a Christian Life Coach. Her credentials include being a Certified Instructor and Facilitator for the Four Keys To Hearing God's voice. She is the author of the book "21 Destiny Prayers." She finds joy in helping others grow in their walk and relationship with God, by experiencing His love and recognizing His voice. As a Counselor, she helps individuals on their healing journey of hurt and trauma into a place of lasting joy and inner peace, as they allow God to make them victors instead of victims. As a Coach, she helps individuals in developing a deeper relationship with God by recognizing His voice and experiencing His unconditional love. She walks alongside others on their journey of discovering their life’s purpose and divine destiny in order to live a fulfilled life.

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