Prayer: Reveal Your Glory To Me

Then Moses said, “Now show me your glory.” (Exodus 33:18) KJV.

 From the book 21 Destiny Prayers- Day 5
Heavenly Father, I ask that your divine presence will go with me, and you will make your home in me. I pray that your light will shine continually in and through me towards others. Be with me in all my endeavors, and in my daily journey. Remove any form of rebellion from my heart and give me a listening ear and heart of obedience. I take off all that will be a hindrance to my complete obedience to you, and I surrender to your guidance, decisions, will, and purpose for my life.

You, Lord, are the source of life, and you alone can satisfy and fill the void in my heart. I pray that you will continually impress your thoughts upon my heart and give me a hunger and a thirst for the things of your Kingdom.

Help me not to make decisions outside of your will, but to be continually connected to the things of your heart and your desire for my life. I know that you have given me the freedom to make choices and decisions, but I don’t want to do so without your input, so I ask that you make my decisions for me. I pray that you will reveal more of yourself to me and show me your glory. Thank you for your grace and compassion over my life in Jesus’ name.

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