Prayer against Displacement

First take the issue to the Courtroom of Heaven. You can use the Courtroom of Heaven Prayer. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you at all times

Displacement in our lives means we are spiritually out of alignment from where God wants us to be. We have been moved from our rightful position to another by the enemy through legal rights that were given to the enemy.

God is able to place us back in our rightly position. 

Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what opened the door for the spirit of displacement to have a legal ground in your life or in your bloodline.

Repent for anything the Holy Spirit reveals as sin, iniquities or transgression in the bloodline that opened the door. Also repent for the sin of swapping Godly spiritual inheritance, the first estate, the birthright for wordly powers, treasures, gains, etc. 

Place the dream/visions before God (if the Lord gave you a dream). Ask the Holy Spirit for the meaning of the symbols in the dream and to reveal the generation that committed the sin in the bloodline. If you are not sure of the generation that committed the sin, still continue in prayer by first using the Courtroom of Heaven Prayer. Repent, so the legal right can be taken out of the hands of the enemy.

Prayer in the Courtroom of Heaven: (This prayer should be done after the Courtroom prayer. Declare and pray the prayer before leaving the Courtroom of Heaven)

Lord Jesus I ask that you please remove me/us from every ungodly displacement, ungodly and evil placement, vagabond alignment, ungodly alignment, ungodly pendulum clock, ungodly timetable and ungodly calendar. Lord Jesus I ask that you remove any hook on my nose, or shackles on my feet and hand (2 Chronicles 33:11) Remove me from the snare of the fowler, and from fear, anxiety, worry, depression, isolation, genetic disorders, (add what you know that is in your life or bloodline. Ask the the Holy Spirit to reveal them to you).

Lord Jesus please plug and set me /us into your Godly placement, Godly time-table, Godly time rotation, Godly order, Godly position in my/our Heavenly Father’s kingdom.  Remove anyone that the kingdom of darkness has placed on my/our land and inheritance. Restore my land, and my/our divine inheritance back to me/us. 

Lord Jesus I ask that you cut off the head and authority of the spirit of displacement in my life, and judge that spirit’s organization and the demons working with it (“it” is used because they have no gender).  Set me/us in your right measurement according to my/our Heavenly Fathers’ order and book for my life and my/our bloodline before the beginning of time, and the creation of the world. Remove my/our spirit, soul, body, heart, mind, will, emotions, conscious and subconscious parts from every ungodly displacement or anywhere that they have been fragmented in the ungodly kingdom. Set me/us into your Godly width, depth, breadth, length, height to rule and reign with you so that your kingdom will be established forever in my life (our lives, in the lives of my children, and descendants to thousands of generations). I now declare your word of promise over my life (our lives).

Declaration:  Declare Jeremiah 29:14, Psalm 16:6 over your life and any other scripture the Lord gives you.

I also declare that the length and breadth of the land has fallen to me in pleasant places. I have a good inheritance. I declare that the curse of Jeremiah 17: 5-6 is broken in my life (in the life of my physical children and spiritual descendants to thousands of generation). I declare the blessings of Jeremiah 17: 7-8 over my life.

(You can modify this prayer as led by the Holy Spirit for your particular situation)




Divine Purpose

Dr. Simi Adigun, is a Christian Counselor, a Certified Biblical Counselor, a Master Certified Life Coach and a Christian Life Coach. Her credentials include being a Certified Instructor and Facilitator for the Four Keys To Hearing God's voice. She is the author of the book "21 Destiny Prayers." She finds joy in helping others grow in their walk and relationship with God, by experiencing His love and recognizing His voice. As a Counselor, she helps individuals on their healing journey of hurt and trauma into a place of lasting joy and inner peace, as they allow God to make them victors instead of victims. As a Coach, she helps individuals in developing a deeper relationship with God by recognizing His voice and experiencing His unconditional love. She walks alongside others on their journey of discovering their life’s purpose and divine destiny in order to live a fulfilled life.

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  1. Isabel Etti

    Thank you Dr. Simi for this powerful teaching on the Courtroom of Heaven. I want everyone to hear this message because the church has been blinded for so long. I myself as a pastor would love to help my congregation and the many I communicate with via WhatsApp. But first I want to encounter God my Righteous Judge in the Courtroom of Heaven in a deeper relationship. I need your assistance.

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