We have all experienced some form of hurt or pain in our lives. Some of these negative experiences can leave a mark or a deep scar on our soul. These marks can become shadows that follow us around and affect us in other areas of our lives if we have not received healing. They can play a role in our decision making, thought process, relationships, progress, values, and so on.

Man is made of a spirit, soul, and body and to experience wholeness and inner peace, these areas of our lives must be free from foundational pollution, trauma, inner hurt caused by the pain we have experienced, or may still be experiencing in our lives. These scars can open the door to unseen hindrances that can block us from having complete joy, happiness, or fulfillment in our lives.

Our Inner Healing Prayer focus on going to the underlying issues that brought about the problem. Deliverance sessions may be needed as led by the Holy Spirit. Through the power of the cross and the blood of Jesus, the Inner Healing we offer will break the bondages and hindrances. These hindrances or issues could be linked to generational sins and curses, or sins committed by us. 

The Inner Healing Prayer will not only break the power of these curses and sins over one’s life but also sever all ungodly soul ties, eliminating negative beliefs, and break all inner vows.

In life, some issues can be easily overcome than others. This does not mean that God does not want to answer our prayers especially if we are obedient to Him. One of the reasons could be that some things are giving the enemy a legal right in that particular area. Nevertheless, we should not give up, we believe that total freedom is possible through the power in the name of Jesus comes. Freedom and restoration will come into our lives if we hold on to God’s promises and permit the Lord Jesus to take full control and shine His light into every dark area. 

 We can all experience freedom in Christ and the release from demonic and familiar spirits oppression that hinders us from experiencing fulfillment in our life’s journey. Our Inner Healing Prayer goes to the root of the problem eliminating the oppression, uprooting the strongholds of negative energy in the foundation of our lives.

If you have experienced a traumatic experience? This can be a hindrance to living in complete freedom of spirit, soul, and body.

Our Inner Healing Prayer is intense and it will require your devotion, commitment, and obedience to the Holy Spirit through:

  • The reading of the word of God,
  • Meditating on the word, confessing the word daily and,
  • Communing with the Holy Spirit.         

Inner Healing session is $70 an hour.With God all things are possible!