Hearing God's Voice- Coaching


Would like to recognize God’s voice and differentiate it from all of the other voices that go through your mind, then you are in the right place. Knowing His voice is vital in our relationship with Him. Everyone can hear God’s voice, it’s not just for a chosen few. If you are one of His sheep, then He is speaking to you and you are hearing His voice! The problem is that we have not learned how to recognize His voice and differentiate it from all of the other voices that we hear in our minds.  The Lord Jesus said “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” – John 10:27.

Do you desire to recognize His voice in your decision making, and for guidance in the midst of your circumstances? If your answer is “Yes”, then, you are in the right place. Through our Hearing God’s voice coaching, using the 4 Keys,  you will learn how to: Be still before God, focusing your attention on Jesus, tune to spontaneous thoughts, and writing down what God is saying to you in your journal. We call this two-way journaling.

Do you need a Coach to help you through the process of being able to hear, know, recognize, and discern God’s voice from yours or other voices? Are you looking for someone to walk alongside you in your spiritual walk of enjoying a deeper and more intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father? Contact us at Divinepurposecoach.com or by phone at 610.507-7274.

As a Certified Instructor and Facilitator for the Four Keys To Hearing God’s voice, I can testify that knowing and recognizing God’s voice is a vital key in our walk with Him. Since I learned how to recognize God’s voice, my relationship with Him has deepened through obedience and following His voice. Recognizing His voice has brought me into a place of peace, bliss, and intimacy with Him.

The four keys are simple and they are practical steps to developing intimacy with God. Following these four keys will transform your life and also bring you closer to God.  

Through the Hearing God’s voice Coaching that we offer, you will also learn how to develop an awareness of the Holy Spirit, who is our guide and helper in the journey to hearing God’s voice

The Four Keys To Hearing God’s Voice were explained by Dr. Mark Virkler, on Sid Roth’s – It’s Supernatural. Mark Virkler Discusses the 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice.