Fill Me With Your Holy Spirit Without Measure

The Holy Spirit“For the one whom God has sent speaks the words of God, for God gives the Spirit without limit.” (John 3:34)

This Prayer is taken from the Devotional Book: 21 Destiny Prayers- Day 4

Heavenly Father, fill me with the fullness of your Holy Spirit. Your Holy Spirit is the revealer of all things, the Spirit of Creation, the Spirit that rose the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead, the Spirit of the Anointing, and the third person of the Trinity. Without the presence of your Holy Spirit and His Anointing in my life, my aspirations and goals would be the work of human effort.

With the involvement and intervention of your Holy Spirit in my work, I can achieve much greater things than what my human power could. My work will be much easier to accomplish each day because your Holy Spirit will be working through me.

Father, I pray that you will fill me with the fullness of your Holy Spirit to make wise decisions. Give me the revelation of who I am in Christ so I can see myself the way you see me. I ask that you give me insight and clarity to see beyond the physical realm when dealing with the circumstances I come across daily. Give me a greater revelation of your Word and let it dwell in me richly.

I pray that I will hide Your Word in my heart and apply it to my actions. I ask that you give me the spirit of knowledge to fathom the deep things of your heart beyond my human comprehension, perception, and imagination. With your divine knowledge operating in me, I can thrive and function in your supernatural dimension to fulfill your will and plan for my life.

Holy Spirit, I pray for the spirit of understanding to enable me to discern and understand the language of the Spirit, and the different ways by which you speak to me. I ask that you fill me with your spirit of counsel to enable me to advise and guide others in the right direction. Fill me with your power to accomplish great things for the Kingdom of God. When I am weak, fill me with your strength. Help me to fulfill all that is written in my mandate daily. When I feel tired and drained, help me to rely on your power to work and perfect all things through me in Jesus’ name.

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