Dream Interpretation: Snake dream

overcoming the python in dreams

“I will make justice the measuring line and righteousness the plumb line; hail will sweep away your refuge, the lie, and water will overflow your hiding place. Your covenant with death will be annulled; your agreement with the realm of the dead will not stand.” Isaiah 28: 17-18

Overcoming the python in my dream 

I want to share a little bit about my background because I know that this dream may seem scary or even unreal to some people. This event is a part of my life’s story, and I do not take it lightly. When Simi contacted me to share this dream, I gladly said yes, because I love to talk about the power of the Almighty God which delivered me and saved me from the kingdom of darkness.


My parents were idol worshippers, and actually, as a young child, I was also made to worship the idols. That is all they have known all their lives, and it was passed down from generation to generation. Many covenants and negative soul ties were made with the kingdom of darkness as we worshipped the idols and traded floors with them. When I met the Lord Jesus, I found out that just as Simi sometimes said during my counseling sessions with her; “giving our lives to the Lord Jesus is the beginning of our journey to deliverance and the key to fulfilling our destiny.”


In my dream, I was in a boat. I was sitting on the right edge of a boat with my right leg outside in the water. It was a good peaceful day. All of a sudden, I see a white python snake with a full gaping mouth underneath the water but coming towards me. It also has a mouth that is a combination of a fish and a snake. It is a big snake. I kick it with my right leg. It is still under the water while all of this was happening; it has not yet surfaced. As it surfaces, I kick it with my leg, and its mouth opens wider and wider in slow motion.  In the dream, it attempts many times to come after me while flying through the air, but I keep escaping it. It shoots up out of the water like a rocket, travels upward very fast towards the sun and then turns around and comes back down to head straight back into the water. I hear my mother’s voice saying, “this is their favorite food to eat; it is very delicious to them!” Then I hear a voice that says, “If you will let it come after me then I will let it come after you!” The voice was also my mother’s. I was shocked that my mother would say that. It was coming out of the water and I didn’t know which way it was going to come out and my mother was not telling me about it or warning me. I was afraid the snake was going to get me. The sense I got in my dream was that this white snake can eat a whole person alive. Then I woke up.


During my counseling session with Dr. Simi Adigun that week, I shared another dream with her of how God was showing me how to get deliverance step by step.  The Lord was showing me aircraft, and ships and hover crafts to show how the enemy traverses through air, land, and water. The Bible calls this; the prince of the air, land spirits and marine spirits. We went into the Courtroom of Heaven, we petitioned and took authority over the demonic spirits of the air, land, and water that came into my life and through the bloodline when I did not know Jesus. In my life, God keeps showing me over and over again that the power of the cross is the key to my deliverance. I have to use it to overcome and break myself free from all the covenants that I, my parents, ancestors or others in my bloodline made on my behalf with the kingdom of darkness.


My mother’s voice An ancestral spirit
My self My conscious self
Snakes Demonic spirits, warfare,
The Snake that is coming after me Sebau the snake deity god. Also known as “Matsya” in Hinduism strongman, and spirits of the air, land, and water that are waging war against my bloodline/ bondage, stronghold
Kicking the snake in the water My authority in Christ and waging war back at the kingdom of darkness. God is showing me I will overcome this spirt(s)

This demonic god was worshipped in my bloodline and the name is called “Sebau.”  In Hinduism, this demon is called “Matsya” one of the avatars of Vishnu. The demonic spirit was holding me in bondage in the regions of the air, land, and water. Land spirits are demonic spirits of rebellion and disobedience and also represents the idol of humanism and rationalism; knowledge of the tree of good and evil. The scripture says in Ephesians chapter  2: v 12  that “at the name of Jesus every knee will bow, things in heaven( air), things in the earth (land) and underneath the earth( water) and the things we cannot see under the earth. This demon in the form of marine spirit (water) controls the area of marriage, finances, bringing in spiritual slavery and so on.  The snake is not limited in the way it operates or areas it can affect negatively in the lives of those who worship it. Those who worship this snake also worship the sun, moon, stars, constellations and the creatures in the water. (note: I choose to use “it” for this snake and not he/she.)


In dealing with this idol, God revealed that I needed deliverance from the snake-god. In my counseling session, I had to renounce every worship of Egyptian Heritage and Druidism. As I prayed this prayer, I was shocked to find out that the Ancient Egyptians worship a snake-god called “Sebau.”  It is a white snake with a fish head. I also remembered that I had seen the same snake in a dream I had a few years back! God was showing me that I was being held in bondage by what is called Pharaoh’s gods; a demonic spirit that refused to let God’s people go! I found this in a book called “Coming Up Higher” by Paul Cox in the prayer to renounce Egyptian roots.

I immediately renounced any attachment to this god and druidism. I prayed the courtroom of heaven prayer and petitioned against this demonic spirit. I also broke the agreement, covenants, soul-ties, vows with marine spirts, rebellion spirits and air spirits. I reversed the curse words the ancestral spirit in my dream spoke and I said: “we are not your favorite things to eat and we are not your food!” I also declared to the atmosphere that, “Yes, I will come after you and you foul spirit you will never come after me again after this court case!”

I no longer see that snake in my dreams. I believe the oppression of this snake demon in my life is over. And I am claiming back my territory from the enemy as God reveals them to me.

I learned so much through my counseling and coaching sessions at Divine Purpose Counseling and Coaching on dreams and interpretation. Through my sessions, I learned that we can still have doors open in our lives by the enemy after we become born again Christians. These doors can be closed using the power of the blood of Jesus and the authority we have in Jesus’ name. I also learned that dreams are other ways by which God communicates with us. Sometimes it may look spooky or bizarre, but our dreams do carry a message.

I give glory to God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the precious Holy Spirit for my liberation and the power to stand against the kingdom of darkness.  I am also thankful to God for Dr. Simi Adigun and the countless hours she spent with me in counseling.

I will highly recommend the dream interpretation coaching offered by Divine Purpose Counseling and Coaching if you are looking for guidance or help in interpreting your dreams and visions in the night. 

Another point I would like to make here is that if you are a Christian who has dabbled into occultism, divination, tarot cards reading, palm reading, or idolatry, or your parents and ancestors have been involved in it.  You can break all the curses by applying the finished work that Jesus did on the cross. You do not have to tolerate ungodly open doors in your life, get up and break yourself free from the bondage that you feel is over your life. You can start the process of self-deliverance by praying the prayer on cleansing your generational bloodline.

Blessings in Christ,
Winder, Georgia

Disclaimer: There is no quick fix on our journey of deliverance. Our relationship with Jesus Christ is a process, and sometimes we need to stand firm on His promises even when we do not see changes right away. He has given us authority in His name to overcome the kingdom of darkness. If you are in need of deliverance, talk to your church leaders about this, or prayerfully seek the help of a trained deliverance counselor. As believers in Christ we have to learn to submit all parts of our humanity under the spiritual jurisdiction of the kingdom of God and the supreme authority of Jesus Christ so we can experience wholeness and deliverance in our lives. 

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