The way God talks to each one of us is different. I believe knowing God’s voice from all other voices around us will bring us into a more intimate relationship with Him.  As Christians, we should also aspire to recognize His voice from others, just as we know the voices of our family members, friends, co-workers, and so on.

Being able to identify His voice and learn the different ways he talks to me personally, has been of tremendous help to me in the interpretation of my dreams and visions. Anyone can interpret their dreams/visions if you are interested in knowing the message that God is trying to pass across to you. I no longer get frustrated when I think of understanding the meaning of my dreams/visions in the night. This is because I have learned to ask the Holy Spirit for help when interpreting them. Previously, my frustration used to come from not understanding what the people, objects, animals, homes, roads, etc in my dreams represented. Earlier on before I knew how to interpret my dreams symbolically, I had fallen into the trap of interpreting them literally, and this led to errors. I have since then learned not to use my literal mind to interpret my dreams, but to ask the giver of dreams; God through His Holy Spirit to reveal the interpretation to me.

The first thing to know about the language of dreams and visions is that they are symbolic. Although, I have to mention that this is not absolute. I know someone that seldom has symbolic dreams. Most of the person’s dreams unfold in real life exactly the way it was in the dream.  There are also prophetic dreams, which reveal events of the future. We must not put God in a box when it comes to the interpretation of our dreams.

Sometimes the meaning of the dream is revealed to me right away upon awakening. There are other times when the meaning or interpretation of my dream does not come right away. In this case, I don’t worry or get frustrated. I continue to pray in my heart over the dream as I go about my day asking the Holy Spirit for revelation. The pieces may come together the same day as the Holy Spirit shines His light on it. In other instances, the revelation can come to me later on as I keep praying over the dream or after the event has come to fulfillment. I still say thank you to God for showing me what was coming ahead of time, because through the dream I was able to pray over the situation without me knowing the exact detail. All revelations, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding belong to God.


There are a few reasons why God gives us dreams and visions instead of showing us the state of the situation/condition of our lives physically. From my personal experience in my relationship with God; there are some things He would rather show me in dreams because the language of the spirit realm is different from the language of the physical realm. Another reason why He gives us dreams is because our rational mind may not be able to comprehend the message that God is trying to pass across to us. This is not to make us afraid. He is not the author of fear and confusion. Through His mercy and goodness, He drops the messages in our spiritual mailbox of dreams and visions.

His goal is to give us guidance, encouragement, bring correction, give a warning, reveal His love, bring revelation, and expose whatever the enemy is trying to do against us. Another reason would be for us to know that He is in control even when we are asleep. God can still connect with us and talk to us through the channels of dreams and visions. As Christians, we should pay attention to our dreams and visions, especially to learn how to interpret the symbols.

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