Courtroom of Heaven Prayer

Courtroom of HeavenOUR VERDICT WILL ALWAYS BE NOT GUILTY! Romans 3:22-24

(You can reword this prayer and use it for your situation. Always welcome the Holy Spirit, and ask Him to lead you as you step into the Courtroom of Heaven)

1. Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise. (Psalm 100:4)

2. Place yourself under the covering of His love, mercy, and the authority of our Heavenly Father as the Great Judge of Heaven and Earth.

3. Confess and repent of your sins/iniquities/transgressions. (If you know the sins/iniquities that opened the door to the enemy or gave him a legal right over your life, mention it and repent of the sin. Sometimes, you may need to look at your bloodline and take inventory of some of the iniquities/sins/disease/ungodly behavior or habits/sickness/diseases and so on, that have been passed down from generation to generation). If you do not know or it is not clear to you; ask God to open your books and the books of your parents and ancestors from the first generation to Adam and Eve. Ask Him to judge the sin/iniquities/sickness/disease and so on according to His mercy and the sacrifice of Jesus, and his blood that was shed on the cross that cleanses us from all our sins and heals all our diseases. Call on God’s word as a witness in the Courtroom of Heaven. Declare His word of being a God that forgives iniquities, transgressions, and sins-Exodus 34: 6-7. Call the blood of Jesus as a witness in the Courtroom; apply his blood that cleanses us of all our sins according to 1 John 1:7-9.  

5. Call the accuser to come into the Courtroom- Rev.12:9-10 (The accuser is the devil and his demons).

6. Agree with the accuser/adversary ( Matt. 5:25) and repent. (This is the part that some people may find difficult to accept because they know they have not done anything wrong. The way the spirit realm operates is different. Some spiritual debts are passed down from generation to generation through covenants. How else would satan fund his kingdom? The enemy knows the law of God’s Kingdom and how covenants are a vital part of the spirit realm. Most of the legal rights he has are through covenants made by the person/ancestors/parents that worshipped him or that went to ask the kingdom of darkness for help. Just as God made a covenant with Abraham which is passed down to us through Christ Jesus. satan (Not capitalizing “s” is my choice) also manipulates this law of the spirit realm. It will be very difficult to cast out a demonic spirit, ancestral spirit, the strongman, or overcome a sin/negative behavior, thought patterns, or destructive habits if there is a covenant that is binding, keeping the enemy in a place of oppression in our lives. Of course, some miracles can happen without going into the Courtroom of Heaven. We should not put God in a box. However, if you find out that your situation is not changing after you have gone for deliverance/counseling or prayers and fasting. It is likely that the enemy is receiving the strength or power to oppress you by an evil covenant that is in place over your life. In this case, you should step into the courtroom of Heaven. You don’t have to be a prayer warrior to step into the Courtroom of Heaven. Trust the Holy Spirit to lead you. This is a prayer of faith and it works!).

7. Receive Forgiveness for all you have been accused of in the Courtroom of Heaven. This is our reality in Christ Jesus who died for our sins. His death for us is not in vain. He is our Advocate in the Courtroom of Heaven- 1 John 2:1. Whoever the Son sets free is free indeed- John 8:36.

8. Request for an annulment and cancellation of all evil covenants. Ask the Judge of Heaven and Earth to annul and cancel all covenants in your life that are contrary to the law of His Kingdom and the blood covenant you have in Christ Jesus and His death on the Cross for you. Stand on Isaiah 28: 13-18. Declare these words and ask the Father to divorce you from all the ungodly spirits, and the covenants that are connected to the kingdom of darkness, which are giving the enemy a legal right over you. Ask God to remove all legal rights and destroy all legal grounds that satan or the kingdom of darkness may have over you. ( If you have to divorce someone in the physical realm, you have to go to the court in our physical world to do it. This is similar to what you are doing here. God is the Supreme Judge of Heaven and Earth. He is the only one that can annul all evil covenants in our lives. He said this Himself in Isaiah 28:13-18. He is a good Father. He will do this for us. Have faith!

9. Ask for the documents of this annulment and divorce.( You may be directed to go to the Court of Scribes to receive the documents, and it may also be given to you right there in the Mobile Court of Heaven). Trust the Holy Spirit to guide you. Don’t second guess yourself. This is a prayer of faith in the power of God to set the captives free. Receive them and place them in your spirit and seal them with the blood of Jesus. This will be a witness against the kingdom of darkness in your life.

10. Ask for a verdict and judgment against the kingdom of darkness/ungodly spirits/their cohorts/familiar and familial spirits/strongman. By the authority you have in Christ Jesus, declare and decree Psalm 149: 6-9 in the Courtroom of Heaven. Ask God to execute judgment against the enemy. I ask for a verdict against the ungodly spirit (or spirits), its cohorts, and every familiar and familial spirit working together with this spirit. By the authority you have in Christ Jesus, remove the seal of the sealing demon. Bind the sealing demon and unseat the strongman in Jesus’ name. Call on God’s Angels that have been appointed to minister to you in this Court case (Heb.1:14) to war against the kingdom of darkness.

11: Break all soul-ties with the ungodly spirit/the land/people/home/buildings/evil books and so on.

12. Declare a restoration of all lost blessings-Deut. 30:3-9, Joel 2:25-27. Call the Angels to retrieve all that the enemy has stolen from you, cleansed and washed in the blood of Jesus. Declare the year of Jubilee over your life. Jesus is our Jubilee, the restorer of all lost years, times, and blessings stolen from us by the enemy or traded by us, our parents, legal guardian, or ancestors with the enemy.

13. Cancel all curses that came into your life because of the sin and the enemy’s legal rights – Prov. 26:2.

14. Close all back doors. Ask the Lord Jesus to close all ungodly back doors/ungodly gateways/ungodly portals in your life. Ask Him to open His godly doors. Gateways, and pathways over your life. Declare that all ungodly backdoors/ungodly portals/ungodly gateways and pathways are closed forever in Jesus’ name.

15. Enter into the covenant of the blood of Jesus to fill all the areas where the ungodly spirits have been ejected and evicted.

16. Bless your life.  Declare God’s promises to you. Use your Rhema word or scriptures from God’s word. You can also declare Deut. 28:1-14.

17. Forbid any judgment from the enemy. Forbid any backlash, whiplash, from the kingdom of darkness against you, children, spouse, household, finances, investments, jobs, sphere of influence, possessions, etc. in Jesus’ name. With your authority in Christ Jesus, stand against the kingdom of darkness with the blood of Jesus.

18. Thank God for the verdict of not guilty that He has given you in this court case. Praise Him-Psalm 118. Worship Him- Rev. 4, Rev. 5.

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