Courtroom of Heaven: Prayer against prolonged spiritual warfare

Petition in the Courtroom of Adjudication and Judgment against prolonged spiritual warfare.

From the Book- 21 Destiny Prayers.

This prayer is only to be used for spiritual warfare. I say again, only for spiritual warfare. You cannot take people that offend you into the Court of Adjudication and Court of Judgement. Dealing with the invisible/spiritual realm is serious business, and I would advise you not to take it lightly or joke with it. People may often offend us, just as we may unintentionally hurt their feelings too. This is just the way things are because none of us is perfect. If someone’s weakness is a pet peeve of yours, that does not mean that you are in spiritual warfare. I pray you do not experience what I experienced. It was no fun, but for me, it was not the first time I would experience spiritual warfare. It just happened that this particular one was on a different level because they used the demonic powers of the leaders of the occult; their lion, the shapeshifter, leviathan, and their weapons, etc. My calling in life is different from yours, and yours is different from mine. We all have something on this planet to accomplish for God and His kingdom, and if the enemy uses humans who are his agents against us, we must know what to do.

The bottom line is, do not take someone that is stressing you out or someone that continually tries your patience, i.e. that picks their nose, chews loudly, grumbles, or complains to the Court of Adjudication or Court of Judgement. A sister or brother in the Body of Christ that does not say hello to you, although you have greeted them countless times, should not be taken to the Court of Adjudication and the Court of Judgement. It does not work that way. You must learn how to deal with such annoyances or differences. There are times you may have to pray for them, even though the opposite is what your flesh is telling you to do.

I will also suggest building healthy boundaries around yourself. You should discuss it with God and ask the Holy Spirit to show you how to handle difficult people you deal with on a day-to-day basis. I hope you get my point! You will unleash demonic spirits upon your life if you take someone that is innocent or someone that is not fighting you with evil spiritual powers into these Courts. You will be inviting God’s anger against yourself. He is not an evil God; He will not answer a prayer against the innocent (John 9:31). So be careful and use discretion by talking to the Holy Spirit about every area of your life. He is never tired of hearing us, no matter the day of the week or the hour of the day.

In conclusion, this type of prayer is for spiritual warfare to protect ourselves against people that get their power from the kingdom of darkness to fight against us as Christians. Our God is jealous over us, but we must ask Him to fight our battles for us. Instead of running away from Him, we should be running towards Him. The reality of our lives as Christians is that the kingdom of darkness is afraid of our God, the blood of Jesus, and the anointing power of the Holy Spirit. We are in the best team, and though our enemies may try that power in our lives, they will never be able to overcome us if we use our authority in Jesus Christ!


Heavenly Father, I worship you. I bow down before the Creator of Heaven and Earth. I have no shame before you, Father, I am completely lost in your presence as I humbly bow before you. I lay down my life and surrender to you at the Brazen Altar, where Jesus died for me. I declare that my life belongs to you. I come into the Holy Place, and I worship the Holy Spirit. I thank you, Holy Spirit, for your power and anointing upon my life daily to overcome. Holy Spirit, I rely on you to guide me on how I should pray today. Lord Jesus, I glorify you at the Table of Shewbread; you are the Bread of Life. I eat of you, and I drink of you. My life has been changed and transformed because of you. Through your sacrifice, I can step into the Holy of Holies and connect with my Heavenly Father. I thank you, Lord Jesus, you are my burnt offering and my peace offering. I thank you for giving me your glory and your righteousness. I ask that you go with me and be my advocate through this prayer.

Heavenly Father, I also want to repent and ask for your forgiveness for any sins, iniquities, or transgressions that may still be giving the enemy a legal right in any area of my life.  I stand on the complete victory of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross for me as my burnt offering and peace offering before you. I plead the blood of Jesus over every area of my life, to cleanse, and purify me from all my sins.  I stand before you in humility under the covering of the blood of Jesus and your love for me. You are my Jehovah Nissi-The Lord My Banner!

I enter the Holy of Holies, and I rejoice in your presence Father. I love you. I dance before you, and I sit on your lap and hug you. The love you have for me is without measure. How can I understand this love? Your name is Love, your name is Victory, and your name is “I AM THAT I AM.” My words are not enough to express your goodness in my life. You are the God of my yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Even when I did not know you, you have been with me all along. You watched me crawl, watched me take my first step, watched my first tooth grow.

You were there during my heartbreaks, disappointments, failures, successes, and victories, even though I did not know your voice then. How would I have survived the storms of life if you were not there watching over me, standing strong behind me as the anchor that held me steady? You picked me up when I tripped and fell. You shook the dust off my knees and massaged my bruises. There were some things my parents could do for me, but there were battles that only you could fight for me, and mountains that I faced that only you could carry me through. And you did fight those battles for me victoriously, even the ones I was not aware of. You stood behind me like a mighty fortress and the pillar of my life. I shout out loud, “the Lord Almighty reigns, let the earth be glad, let the distant shores rejoice! Clouds and thick darkness surround Him; righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne” (Psalm 97:1-2, 5).

Father, I will never give your glory to another. I raise my hands to you, and I look into your loving eyes, and say, “thank you, Papa!” I give you my success, the victories of my past, the ones of today, and of my future. From everlasting, you will always be my God!

 You know the spiritual battles that I have been fighting for the past few months (days/ weeks/years insert as applies to you) because nothing is hidden in your sight. Sometimes you allow your children to go through some trials because something great is going to come out of them. You alone can turn our ashes into beauty when we hand them over to you. There is no tribulation, trial, or challenge that you cannot turn around for good.

Receive a Mandate (by faith, do not doubt or second guess yourself. Our walk with God is by faith)

You are the Judge of Heaven and Earth; You alone rule in the affairs of all men, and You are the God of Justice. In you, there is no shape-shifting or wavering. There is only truth, goodness, pure love, and light. You said, “I should trust in you at all times and pour out my heart to you, for you are my refuge” (Psalm 62:8). Father, I want to ask for a mandate from you to go into the Courtroom of Adjudication. (In your spirit, receive the mandate from the Father and go into the Court of Adjudication in faith).

Receive the mandate

Say: I now receive the mandate. Heavenly Father, I thank you for granting me this request.

Enter into the Court of Adjudication

Heavenly Father, as I stand before You and the Elders in the Court of Adjudication, I want to ask for a citation against…………………….. (name the person/persons, if you know them. If you don’t, then do not guess – you can just say ‘the person/people. In my case, I knew who they were because it was a battle I had to fight for about three months with intense prayer and warfare. God unveiled their faces, and I actually talked to the person/persons (in the spirit) and asked them what they were doing in my territory. If you know or get a revelation of who they are ahead of this court case, name them. If not, tell God you do not know who they are specifically because it is not very clear to you, and you do not want to violate the laws of God’s Court), who is/are using dark powers of the kingdom of darkness and witchcraft to harass me and fight with me /and my household. They are harassing me with fear, terror, demonic forces, and oppressing me through witchcraft/curses/enchantment/black magick. (witchcraft is the power branch of the occult).

Receive the citations

I now take the citations from the ministering angels. (We are spirit beings, in your spirit, receive the citation by faith).

Enter into the Court of Judgment

“Just Judge of Heaven and Earth, I take this citation document from the Court of Adjudication, and I step into the court of Judgment. This citation is against……… (insert person or peoples name) and all the demonic and witchcraft powers he/she/they are using against me to attack me, and all the demonic spirits, including the familiar spirits and ancestral spirits, working for them and all their cohorts gathered together against me/and my household. I call and summon all of them into Yahweh’s Courtroom of Judgement with this citation of authority, in the name of Jesus. I call them into the Courtroom of Judgment because of all their spiritual harassment and battles against me/and my household.

Presenting the Evidence in the Courtroom of Judgment

They came into my life/my home/my territory/ through the spirit realm using witchcraft, sorcery, and occultic powers, and they wear the garments of the demonic realm. They are violating the law of the Kingdom of God that says, “Touch not my anointed ones and do my prophets no harm (Psalm 105:15).” What does light have to do with darkness? Light and darkness have nothing in common. I worship Yeshua, and I serve the one and the only God of Heaven and Earth. My home belongs to Him, my life belongs to Him, and all I have belongs to Him.

I also want to present the evidence of their …………………….(letter/words/accusations/lies/ confrontation/harassment/ word of knowledge etc..) which they (wrote/said/in-cited) to/against me before this court.

(Physically lay the evidence before God’s Court of Judgment, even if it is a dream/vision and so on).

Receive a Restraining Order

I would like this court to issue a permanent restraining order for me against………………………………………. (him/her/them, including all the demonic spirits and powers they are using). I don’t ever want to see them in my sleep, in my dreams, in my visions, or at any point in time in my spirit life, except the Lord wants to give me divine revelation or a word of knowledge about something that I need to know about them. If they try to come back to attack me with their demons, that will be a violation of the verdict and the judgment of this Court against them.

Make Declarations

Therefore, I want to make a declaration before this court that if they come back to attack me in any area of my life or my household, all the demonic, curses, incantations, magick, and wicked and evil powers they are using will backfire against them. They will grope around in the day as if they are in the dark. I also ask that the fire of God will burn them up just as it burned the two hundred and fifty men that ganged up against Moses and Aaron (Numbers 16). When they see me, let the fire of God upon my life burn their eyes and let them fall for my sake and flee before me in seven ways (Exo. 28:7). For as long as they are worshipping and communing with the kingdom of darkness, I don’t ever want to see them again in my territory, or on my land, my realm, my home, or in my domain. I do not want to have anything to do with anyone that is eating at satan’s table. I don’t ever want them near my household or any of the people that you have placed in my life as a divine relationship. I have parted ways with them in the spirit, and so shall it be in the natural realm because light and darkness do not dwell together (2 Corinthians 6:14). I am a child of light and I have nothing to do with the things of the kingdom of darkness or anyone that worships and fellowships with them.

Ask God for the record of the verdict. (Sometimes you may be given the record of the verdict right there in this court or you may be asked to go to the court of scribes where the records of all our spiritual verdicts and court cases are kept. You should listen and see what you are picking up in our spirit as you are in the courtroom. Remember, this is a prayer of faith. The Lord Jesus is there with you to help you and the Holy Spirit will guide you. Another thing you need to remember is that this is real. You may not see it, but it is very real as the chair you are sitting on or the bed in your bedroom. It’s up to you to believe the word of God concerning coming boldly to the throne of grace to obtain mercy and help in times of our needs; Heb.4:16. Have faith! Look at it this way; if humans who are agents of the kingdom of darkness can use the evil powers and witchcraft to attack children of God and sometimes we feel that spiritual warfare in our lives. Why wouldn’t the God of the Universe our Heavenly Father fight for us if we ask Him, especially placing a restraining order on those humans who think they can bully us to a corner because they believe in the dark powers of the evil they do. Light is stronger than darkness. “They shall surely gather together but not because I sent them, says the Lord. Whosoever shall gather together against you shall certainly fall for our sake.” Isaiah 54:11. Emphasis mine).

NOTE: The Holy Spirit can guide you to go to the Court of Scribes This is where the records of the verdicts and God’s judgment in our favor are kept. It is normal to go to this court to pick up a copy of the verdicts and judgments. Sometimes, you may not have to. The records can be handed over to you in the same court where the verdict is being rendered in your favor. In this case, step out of the court of Judgment and Adjudication and say:

Say: Your Honor, I would like your approval to go to the Court of Scribes to receive the verdict you have granted me in this court.

(Why do we have to say this? An example is how we respect and honor the judge and the court in the physical realm. We also have to show honor and respect to our God, who is the Magnificent God of Heaven and Earth. We ask for the Judge’s approval/ permission to access other Courtrooms of Heaven or records/evidence etc. in the spirit realm. You do not have to be perfect or be a prayer warrior to do this prayer. Do not allow doubt or unbelief. Remember the Holy Spirit is your guide. He is there with you. The Lord Jesus our Advocate is also present in the Courtroom to help us fix our gaps or deficits). 

Court of Scribes

In the spirit, exit the courtroom and move to the Court of scribes if led to go there. (If you sense in your spirit that God wants you to receive the record of the verdict here in this court, then receive it from the Angel. Extend your hands and receive it. This is an act of faith).

SAY: I now receive a record of this verdict/judgment today from God the Father, before the Host of Heaven and the Witnesses in this Court. I plead the blood of Jesus over myself and my household, over every doorpost and lintel of our lives, and everything the Lord has blessed me with. I forbid any backlash from the kingdom of darkness against me or my loved ones and all that the Lord has blessed me with, in Jesus’ name. I now sit on my mountain, clothed in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, and in the power of His might, as I continue to rule and reign with Him throughout eternity.

(If you had to go to the Court of Scribes to receive the record of your verdict.

Say: I enter into the court of scribes. I am here to receive the verdict for my case that I just completed in the court of Judgment and accusation. In your imagination by faith receive the scrolls of your verdict/judgment.

Say: I receive the record of this verdict.

(You can sense an Angel or an Elder of the Court giving the scroll/record of the verdict to you).

Thank the Court. Exit the Court of Scribes.

(Ask God for approval to go to the Court of Angels where the verdict will be executed accordingly).

Court of Angels

Say: I enter into the Court of Angels to receive assistance in the execution of the verdict of the court case I just completed. 

(You may see Angel/s come to receive the verdict from you. They may lay their hands on it to copy the verdict so you can have your copy. This experience is different for everyone. This has been my experience. Other times they just copy the details of the verdict by swiping their hands on it. God’s spirit realm is full of experiences that sometimes we cannot fully explain and our minds cannot comprehend these things. We have to learn to move in His presence and His Kingdom by faith, even if it’s a little faith. The fact that you are even doing this prayer shows that you believe in the power of God to set you free and fight your battles. The bottom line, your experience could be different from mine and others. Just follow the Holy Spirit and how He leads you).

Thank the Court of Angels. Exit the Court.

Action step and  Thanksgiving

Say: (You can praise God in your own words or offer the praises below).

I give glory, honor, and adoration to God the Father; the Just Judge of Heaven and Earth. I thank you, Heavenly Father. I worship and honor you for fighting all my battles for me and giving me the victory again today. I give you all the glory and honor forevermore. I take the documentation of this judgment/verdict I received today and place it in my heart. I seal it with the blood of Jesus. Let it begin to speak for me (my children, grandchildren, spouse, etc) and manifest your will in the physical realm as you have written it in your spiritual Court of Judgment, in Jesus’ name. AMEN!



Divine Purpose

Dr. Simi Adigun, is a Christian Counselor, a Certified Biblical Counselor, a Master Certified Life Coach and a Christian Life Coach. Her credentials include being a Certified Instructor and Facilitator for the Four Keys To Hearing God's voice. She is the author of the book "21 Destiny Prayers." She finds joy in helping others grow in their walk and relationship with God, by experiencing His love and recognizing His voice. As a Counselor, she helps individuals on their healing journey of hurt and trauma into a place of lasting joy and inner peace, as they allow God to make them victors instead of victims. As a Coach, she helps individuals in developing a deeper relationship with God by recognizing His voice and experiencing His unconditional love. She walks alongside others on their journey of discovering their life’s purpose and divine destiny in order to live a fulfilled life.

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  1. Carol

    Please pray for me. A year ago my boyfriend was assaulting me and when I slapped back at him, I scratched his face. He took out false warrants on me and my life has been tortured endlessly since. I am disabled. I can’t walk very well and have COPD. I live on oxygen. I’m poor and have no transportation, I depend on folks for my food and everything. The police keep dragging me out if here to take me to jail, but because of my breathing and size and COVID the court date keeps being moved. They keep humiliating me, (3x) I have suffered this. None will help me, nobody cares. I live in a motel and folks just think it’s funny. I can’t get rides anywhere,and I can’t get to court and I don’t want to go to jail. Especially when I was just defending myself from an abusive drunk that had me hemmed up in a corner. I just prayed these awesome courtroom prayers and am believing GOD to move mightly on my behalf.

  2. Kim

    I just read through the prayer. It’s so incredibly beautiful I’m just reading over it to absorb the prayer so I’m ready to use it. But man, it sure goes beyond what you could imagine a prayer could be. Thank you for whoever crafted this prayer and listen to Holy Spirit

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      Thank you, Kim. God bless you.

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    I love this. It is hope and faith and love that became sight an reality. I feel as if I could waltz across the universe into Gods presence where I just came from.

    Praise Almighty God the Lord of Hosts

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    Thank you so much.

  5. Mrs precious Simon

    I need serious prayer , am a widow with 2 young children, lost my husband 2 years ago through witchcraft powers , then my in-laws wants to collect our properties and has taken me to court
    Threatening and using all sorts to oppress us

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